Taco Thirty

It was clearly a mistake not to have named my dog Taco

Guys, 2017 is the year I turn thirty years old. I am doing something bold, real bold. I am aiming to eat thirty different tacos by the time I turn thirty. It’s going to be epic and very delicious. Tacos are my favorite food, they are endlessly varied and they’re affordable as all get out. I can’t think of a better way to commemorate a milestone age than to literally consume something that brings me joy (thirty times).

Disclaimer: These tacos will not all be from sources that are east of 82nd Ave. I will attempt to always get a carne asada taco for comparison purposes but sometimes I might not be able to.

You can track my progress on this very page! Please

In chronological order:

5. Taco Thirty #5: Casa del Sol
4. Taco Thirty #4: Mis Abuelos Barbacoa
3. Taco Thirty #3: Tamale Boy
2. Taco Thirty #2: Las Gorditas
1. Taco Thirty #1: Tierra del Sol

Rated by taste:

1. Taco Thirty #5: Casa del Sol
2. Taco Thirty #4: Mis Abuelos Barbacoa
3. Taco Thirty #3: Tamale Boy
4. Taco Thirty #5: Casa del Sol
5. Taco Thirty #2: Las Gorditas