Taco Thirty #5: Casa del Sol

These street tacos are starting to blend in together. Yet I’m still feeling pretty good about the life choice I made. My brain is still processing the taste of tacos to be delicious, but my tolerance for mediocre tortillas is diminishing.

As is the case for Casa del Sol‘s tacos. I ordered two carne asada tacos and one carnitas. When my food came out, there was an extra taco–SCORE! Their carnitas is the kind I like, where the pork is mercilessly deep-fried to give you a sobering crunchy, almost jerky-like, meat experience. The carne asada meat was good, and much better than the carne asada steak plate that they had on the menu (my mom’s order). The bummer for these tacos were the tortillas, which were definitely store-bought and a bit cold. For the price point of $1.25 per taco though, I forgive any shortcoming.

Case del Sol’s strength is the salsa bar. They had 6 different salsas and some esabeche (pickled carrots and jalapeños). The best two things in the whole cooler is the pickled shaved onions covered in black pepper, and the avocado-based salsa. I used both condiments on my tacos were soon sweating from the heat. Luckily I had cold horchata to balance the heat.


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