Taco Thirty #4: Mis Abuelos Barbacoa

After so many weeks of snowy and wet weather, the first sunshine-filled Saturday in a while was begging me to go for a bike ride. Casey and I rode down to our favorite food cart pod Cartlandia. After much contemplation between a few carts that sell tacos, I settled for one I’ve never had–Mis Abuelos Barbacoa.

I got two carne asada tacos and a lamb taco. I was pleasantly surprised that their tortillas tasted fresh and homemade. It was a yellow corn tortilla that was soft and sweet, and lightly grilled. The carne asada meat was standard, but the lamb was amazing. It was falling apart tender like it had been cooking low and slow all winter. This made sense since it was $1 more in price and lamb seemed to be their specialty. Looking at what other people ordered, I can tell that the soup and warm dishes were the thing to get there.

I’ve had another taco cart at this pod called the Loncheria Express, and I would conclude that Mis Abuelos’ tacos were superior based on the tortillas alone. What really made these tacos stand out is the overall atmosphere of hanging out at Cartlandia. Sitting on patio chairs on an asphalt pavement is the legit way to bite into a taco. And on a rainy day, you can head inside into on-site Blue Room Bar where they have a full bar, TVs, pool table, board games, live music… like, what can be better?


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