Taco Thirty #3: Tamale Boy

This was my first time visiting Tamale Boy after a long time wanting to try out their food. Luckily I was with a big group and was able to o0gle their tamales (and even taste one) since I had to do the predictable thing of ordering tacos.

Those tacos were delicious. On the menu, the dish is called Tacos Villamelon de Res. It has three meats in it–chorizo, beef, and bacon. All braised in beer and topped with caramelized onions, queso, avocado sauce, and cilantro, then additionally topped with chicharron and radish. I guess the Villamelon sauce is a traditional sauce in Mexico. It seems that the characteristics of tacos Villamelon is the braised onions, having chorizo and bacon (or ham) in it, and topping it with chicharron. The flavors were incredibly delicious. The filling was almost sloppy joe-like. The only thing that didn’t work was that the tortillas were far too thin (1 layer) for the amount of toppings and liquid on it, and the plating didn’t work for a handheld eating experience.

I got Esquites (roasted corn) on the side and those were sweet, spicy, and superb. Casey got the Norteño Tamal Frito, which is a fried tamale with sauces and an over easy egg on it. I was happy to be able to try their tamale and while tacos were good, tamale is where it’s at!


Norteño Tamal Frito

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