Taco Thirty #2: Las Gorditas

I first have to apologize for the terrible image. I have a good excuse, and that is because I came up with the Taco Thirty idea right in the middle of this meal. By the time the idea emerged in my head, I had already eaten one of the two tacos I ordered and about to bite into this one. Thus, the taco got jumbled and the photo has a soggy, steamy quality to it.

There is an intersection in  the Foster-Powell neighborhood of Portland that I’m now calling the Taco Triangle. On three of the four corners, you can purchase tacos from Taco Bell, Taco Time, Las Gorditas, or La Bamba. Las Gorditas will provide you with the most authentic street taco experience out of all of them. For one, you actually sit on the side of a road after ordering from a truck.

Las Gorditas tacos are dependable. They are not the best because they don’t make their own tortillas, but for the price, they will do what they need to do for you. The only real complain I have amidst my already lowered-expectations is that the carne asada meat has a bulk stew quality that I don’t particularly enjoy. I wish that either the meat or the double tortillas has some char or grilled texture. It also needs more salt overall. Being able to sit outside on an unusually sunny day in February sort of makes up for the difference though.


Oh you don’t know what #TacoThirty is? Read more here.


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