Taco Thirty #1: Tierra del Sol

I cry a thousand happy tears whenever I eat these tacos. One reason is because they are the best tacos I’ve come across in Portland metro area, and the other is because they are in my neighborhood.

I lovingly refer to Tierra del Sol‘s tacos as the “blue tacos.” You can get them from the Tierra del Sol food cart, which is the food cart at the very end of the row of carts at the Portland Mercado. Tierra specializes in making fresh blue corn tortillas from scratch. Pale blue masa are turned into soft tortillas of various sizes and thickness so that they can cradle meats and veggies real comfy-like.

They take great care in toasting the tortillas for the taco preparation so that edges of the taco are crispy but the middle remains toothsome and soft. For $3 each they load up the taco with a lot of meat, and the meat comes from a local source (like, whaaa?). It’s garnished with a generous amount of finely minced red onion and cilantro and comes with limes and radish. I always eat these with the hottest sauce they have, which is a slightly thick orange sauce (but it’s not habanero hot). This entire experience is fireworks in my mouth and brain.


Oh you don’t know what #TacoThirty is? Read more here.


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